Sunday, 8 February 2015

Loveweak again

Love is the sky, love is the sea,
as soft as earth, as dark as be,

as high as hills, as deep as spells,
a heartbreak maze and storm gospels;

it’s quiet as a mystic trance
and heady as a game of chance

with a poker pro in long shirtsleeves.
It’s whimsy of windblown leaves;

as prison scarred and hard as nails
and fragile as mermaid tales.     

Love’s sand in hand and birds in bush
but steely when shove comes to push.

It’s seagull call and eagle eyed
snake instinct done ivory wide.

It’s all eggshells in one basket
and a shaky bike to the market.

Love’s tart as lime, as monsoon grey
striped skypearl like a nacre day,

talk’s cheap white chalk, love’s ashes pink
tougher to brush off than you think.

Love’s needle thin, hope thick as sleep,
easier to give, harder to keep.


  1. What wonderful rhyme scheme and the concluding lines speak of the gist of love, :)!!

    1. if only it was as easy to keep as to give...sigh :)


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