Sunday, 26 July 2015


It often seems a warp, that time exists
only to be bound up around your wrists
only to be measured by your pulse
the sole time-keeper, everything else’s false.

Did I love you yesterday, before I knew
that I was I?  and that you were you?
I only know I love you endlessly
today and tomorrow, all that’s to be.

I feel that now, but then I also know
a line divides now and all tomorrows;
we each leap over without being aware
and some things come; some don’t make it there.

What stands the test and comes through pure and true
who knows? But for now your wrists, veined in blue.

This one's a response to a comment-poem a reader left here couple Sundays ago.  A question in the final stanza that is quite mind blowing if one stops to think on it. Thank you desk49.

I am travelling and will be offline more often than I like.  Enjoy the poetry here and in the season/world wherever you are.  I will catch up with you as and when I can beg/borrow/get a net connection.  :) Stay well!


  1. You certainly ended yours with a twist!
    Safe travels.

  2. You and desk49 really started an interesting discussion. Love that he continues it with more poetry. It is an interesting question, one only to be answered - in the next life, the next passage of time and space? Are those we know, those we knew before? Love it!

    Lovely, other worldly!

  3. Still we know not why
    We see no different of the
    Questions of time and love
    The before and the hereafter

    Yet the pain in our chest tells
    Us it is real and meaningful
    So we cling to it as if nothing
    Matters even the loss of our soul

    Yolanda Renee:

    Still is a question asked or answered
    And thank you for such kind words


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