Monday, 28 July 2014

Full and drained and sacred II

There’s a morsel of darkness
hidden somewhere in the cup;
that doesn’t make the light less.
Shadows can lift the light up,
and some things only phosphoresce
when it gets dark enough.

Let mine be dark if it is dark;
dark has its wisdom, secrets
as dazzling as sudden sparks
given off by a drained goblet.
Black and white both find their marks
whichever we ignore or forget.

Let mine be whatever it wills;
enough that yours brims rose.
The tavern has wide doorsills,
decanters of light and shadows
and the wine-bearer distils
wine; wisdom; hope; and sorrows.

Let mine be darkness or light
but let nothing pass untasted
even emptiness can be bright
and not a drop should be wasted;
beauty can be empty white
and darkness can feel sacred.


  1. Ooh, your writing is great! love it.

    gave me dark and swirly visions!

  2. HI Nila - lovely poem and words .. I can see the colours swirl around ... then drained and sacred ... cheers Hilary

  3. Replies
    1. Glad you found it so, I tend to like dark as much as anything else

  4. For some reason this poem particularly resonated with me. 'but let nothing pass untasted'.

    Have you visited Alex J. Cavanaugh yet? He'd love to interact with you.

    Denise <3

    1. Ooh, I'd love that too! His blog is one of those I visit but don't feel I know him/his blog/subject well enough to comment, Am clueless about sci-fi mostly :) except some of Asimov. Prefer to let just this genre pass untasted :) glad you liked the poem.

    2. Comment at Alex's. That way you expose yourself to many bloggers who might be intrigued enough to visit you. I don't usually find much of interest at Alex's, not being into sci-fi, trivia, etc, but there's always something to comment on as he is a tireless blog diplomat. No secrets here, I've told Alex I love long, crafty blog posts...D

    3. Thanks for the tip, Denise, will try. Hope you're having a great weekend.


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