Saturday 22 June 2024



Photo by Foad Roshan on Unsplash

Sometimes, even the winds can’t imagine

how far they’ll take the dandelion seeds,

the river can’t tell where the rocks fall in,

the exact direction of the whirlpools’ spin,

how low branches – by inches, come to impede

shore hugging small crafts. Force them to cross –

midstream. Sometimes, even gods are at a loss.


Those who are always buffeted by fate

directionless, in search of a place to peg –

a mooring from where to learn to navigate,

to untangle themselves and lay limbs out straight,

know that walking has least to do with legs.

Know that feet themselves can be the maelstrom

regardless of where they go or come from.

Strange things have been happening to the weather here, Kolkata has been giving itself airs that it is the Arabian desert. Though it's got the temperatures almost correct, it's way off the mark in humidity and the result is an unbearable mix.

The lemonade is certainly coming in handy, no dearth of lemons here, further ones have materialised since I posted here last - hey, we have a never ending supply! As usual poetry - both reading and writing, is a peg of sorts and therapy and a huge comfort. As is the blog and your company. Hope you are cooler and more comfortable wherever you are logging in from. Thank you for being here. 

Sunday 9 June 2024



The longest ten years of this life were spent

in waiting for the tide to turn, the run

of bad luck to abate. And for someone

to stand alongside and say - we hadn't meant

this by the mandate, it was all a mistake.

That we must speak ill of the friends with whom

we'd built sandcastles. That there was no room

for shared air or dreams - that our pasts don't make

us us, we're the sums of our differences.

That you're not me and I am not you - 

and we must observe our separate taboos,

confined to neighbourhoods scarred by fences.

Yes, the longest ten years. But now we're done.

And breathing out is enough celebration.

Hello, hello, long time! The longest I've been away from my home on the web, which is the only steadfast unchanging home I've been able to live in so far. It's been too long. Though I did pop into the WEP catch up post early this month. 

A quick update - the vision issues are still ongoing, the tsunami of graduated eye drops will continue for the near future, I'm still running in circles round the ophthalmology clinic.  Life has also handed me a few other lemons to make lemonade with meanwhile. However, on the plus side I was able to vote! after nearly 30 years, that improved my mood no end. And the outcomes have been better than expected! Go, democracy!

I've got a bit fed up of being fed up, I'm totally not cut out for the perpetual grumpies. So I thought I'll write myself to a better place. And here I am. A fresh start at a blogging schedule. I'm aiming for twice a month for now and hopefully will be able to step it up and get back to my weekly posting routine sometime sooner rather than later.

I hope life has been smooth and beautiful for you meanwhile. Hope to catch up with you shortly.