Monday 16 March 2020

A-Z Challenge 2020, Does This Look Like a Theme?

Hello, all ye who click on to here! Welcome to the A-Z Theme Reveal, where I am struggling to reveal what I am planning to pass off for a theme this year. Life has been a bit crazy, I’ve been, well, preoccupied watching news videos in a mindless loop…so. Really, this post-truth world does not suit my constitution, no pun intended.

Anyways, the upshot is, when the sign-up post suddenly flashed into view on the A-Z site, whaaaagh…no inkling of a theme! I signed up pronto (I mean, have you seen the colours on that badge?! who wouldn’t?!) But not one clue on the theme, a most panic-inducing situation.

Monday 9 March 2020

not really fond of capitals

when I think of it, I'm not so fond of capitals -
okay, maybe a couple, maybe half a dozen
at the most, there's home of course, goes without saying,
and some more around the mediterranean

but not those shouty ones that stand guard with their arms
at attention before each stanza, each sentence,
why must they be so strict about marking the start?
is it so clear always - the beginnings and ends?

do you know where this thought stopped and that one rose
like a mist from the waves? the horizon and sea
merge so often into one, but in any case
one's fluid and the other's imaginary.

go look for the end, there's no clear line in the sand
just a band of wetness between the sea and land.