Mostly Flash

All the short fiction, flash and otherwise, collected here. In case you're not too fond of poetry. I am okay with that. It does funny things to the brain, poetry does. But it straightens out in a flash. The brain, I mean. Not the poetry. That is much like a mongrel's tail, can't be straightened, especially if rhymed.

The Overlap

Three Ways of Constellations of Meanings 

The worst kiss

Milk. Blood. Money.


The Mannequin

Fall fable

The no job


Moonlit Waters III

Moonlit Waters II

Moonlit waters


Seeing Red.  And White.
Strictly within Limits.

A Tough Customer.

One Step Backwards.

The Right Words.

The Guardian of Letters.

I'm NOT Wearing Your Ring

Birthday Madness

Oh, how I hate my beautiful friend

Not exactly a Fairy Tale

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