Friday, 1 August 2014

Take that helmet off!

Come show me a different face, you know you can;
take off that helmet, close those cocked gun eyes,
collect and still in your lap those grenade hands
and wipe up that small smudge of blood and lies

from your lips, that dribble of hate, go on;
finally switch off that screen, delete that plan
just stop carrying someone else’s weapon,
rise and reach into yourself, you know you can.

Let the flashing blades of all your cruel words
rust to dust, all triggers jam, all arms fail;
there are many other things, far, far worse
than a loss of will for violence to prevail.

The planet is your country; you do not want
to create another random battlefront.


  1. Literally and figuratively, a powerful piece of writing. :)

  2. Very forceful with an undertone of atonement. Am I getting it right?