Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Write...Edit...Publish...August 2014 : Taking Chances

This post is being scheduled for Write...Edit...Publish  the monthly bloghop hosted by Denise Covey, where the prompt for August is "Taking Chances".   More details on the sidebar at top-left, please do join in and spread the word.

My entry is a short verse, poetry is easier to write than fiction in a time-crunch :) and poetry is also a constant and a comfort I hang onto during avalanches of change. I am bang in the middle of one, an avalanche I mean, we have just moved to a new place and settling down is taking forever. Keeping fingers crossed for a hassle-free transition. I will catch up with you all as soon as things are sorted.  Meanwhile, stay well and happy reading/writing!

All the chances I did not take
made poems running down my spine
and shadows walking over my grave,
my moons nudged out by the skyline;

the earth-warm routes that lost their tracks
got down and dirty in the fields,
hopped-on hopped-off without a map
in grasslands and rhymes that free-wheeled

into words and worlds as vast as wind
and love as ocean-blue as songs;
the forks of swallowtail yearnings
and dreamdrops fallen diamond-strong.

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  1. How aptly put! Loved the first verse :)

    1. Yes I saw that post on your shift! Which part of the world shall expect your arrival haha. And hey you were in Mumbai! Or still are? :)

    2. Still with Arabic speakers :) though have to get used to a different accent now :) Was in Mumbai for a few days in July...loooong time ago

  2. It's the final stanza that has me thinking...words and worlds as vast as winds...I guess that's where you're at, Nila. I hope your new life settlers into a new and beautiful rhythm. Again, sorry about the loss of your friend.

    Thanks for posting for WEP Nila.


    1. Thanks Denise, for your warm words. And of course for WEP.

  3. So lovely, visual and in a way stark. Really enjoyed this...

  4. Beautiful images come to mind on reading your words. Good luck with the settling in.

  5. Short and sweet but packs a punch. Hope you feel more settled soon.

  6. Very nice, accomplished poem. A delight to read.

  7. your time crunch Nilanjana, you certainly pulled one out of the bag! Love the imagery and the lyrical quality. I do get a sense of 'busy' and perhaps highs and lows. You're already there, don't worry:)

  8. Hi Nil.
    Oh I loved this. Interesting how poetry comes easy to you. Not me, I'd be brain dead if I tried to write poetry.

    Good luck with your move. We also moved recently. It took two months to find my art supplies.

  9. So lovely and fitting, transitions and changes, old and new. You wrote it beautifully!

    Thank you!

    1. So very pleased, Yolanda to see you here. Hope you are doing well. Wishing you the very best.


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