Monday, 24 December 2012


The door’s open a crack
a scoop of light shows
where to hook the toes
on limits to be pushed back;
hinges open close
along circular tracks;
facepalm maniacs
stand in straightened rows;
the trees’ stripped rib-racks
pant against the windows;
golden faun shadows
stalk aphrodisiacs.
The season’s in death throes -
the knots of zodiacs
tighten up the slack
disguised as ribbon bows.
But then, the rest is black.
But then, no-one knows
what’s there in the hollows
behind twisted almanacs.....


  1. Was that rap?
    Fun rhymes
    BTW: I think it should be "limits" and not limit's

    1. Your question reminds me of your post on poetry definitions...:) and yes, that is an error. Will correct forthwith. Thanks for pointing it out!

  2. haha what fun rhymes in this one, it does have a rather rap beat and some cool images to it as well....

  3. I so imagined the whole thing and wanted to more at the end .... loved the usage of words and no need to say again you are magician with words :D loved it NB... sorry was away from Madly in verse for a long time :D but not any more :D

    1. Now that is what I call a most pleasant surprise! :) So nice to see you here, dear Ramya, and thank you.

  4. that has a very cool beat and fun word fav part..

    the trees’ stripped rib-racks
    pant against the windows;
    golden faun shadows...nice


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