Sunday, 22 February 2015

Stone mirror

I am the flattened stone with
the merest film. Leftover rain
polishes the mirror waiting to reflect
your skies of migrant birds,
and poplars rustling to receive
the friendly pats of the wind.


  1. I love the images with this.

    You take it from personal "I am the flattened stone..." to impersonal, moving farther away beyond the reflection. I'm not understanding the choice here, unless you're saying everything gets touched in the cold reflection but the reflection itself... you. Or your outside of everything, including the scene you paint.

    Maybe I'm putting way too much unnecessary thought into your lovely work...

    1. Thank you, Jennifer. The interpretation is up to the reader, there can never be too much or too little thought put in, whatever amount it is, it is just right :)

      Have a great week..


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