Saturday, 14 February 2015

It's not a Valentine thing either

Love is such a short, thin and threadbare word,
so frequently used that it’s hardly heard.
I’ll love you more than you will ever know,
I’ll love you without threadbare being uttered.

Without the scents of flowers and of sandal,
without the showy moths and central candle.
I think I’ll love you but let the trite go
I won’t fashion your name into a ghazal.

Yet if someone should come upon my page
when I’m gone - in some future space and age -
he would know that the writer, long ago,
had loved beyond the limits of her language.


  1. Hi Nila! It's been lovely coming by and reading your love poems. I hope you're having a wonderful trip! May it inspire you to write even more poems! I think we have trivialized 'love' somewhat but never mind, there's still real love in the world even though at times it is obliterated by hate.

    Denise :-)

    1. Hey Denise, thanks for coming by. We tend to 'love' everything and everyone nowadays, don't we? :) Empty vessels make the max noise.
      And I am right here at home, only the kiddo's travelling on a school trip. Have to find inspiration second hand! Could do with loads more. Stay well.

  2. Hi Nila ... good to see you on my blog and thanks so much for your comments and supportive notes re the hip repair.

    Love should have a deep and true meaning, so often it's used as Denise mentions trivially ... I do it - perhaps superficially is a better descriptive word ...

    Ghazal - I looked that up ... wish I knew more about poetry ... one day I will rectify that gaping hole. I loved finding out about Tagore ... really interesting comment - thank you ..

    Cheers Hilary

    1. Entirely a pleasure visiting your blog, Hilary, visit whenever I can, really like the positivity you share.

      Till 1911, Calcutta was the capital of the British in India - that and the long colonial association has impacted our culture quite intimately. Tagore is one of our most complex personalities - a polymath, and a prolific writer/poet. He was influenced/inspired by Western ideas/literature/music, he also opposed colonial oppression and highlighted gender discrimination. Quite fascinating.

  3. Ao passar pela net encontrei seu blog, demorei algum tempo a ver o conteúdo, gostei e é um daqueles
    blogs que gostamos de visitar.
    Eu ficaria alegre se me desse a honra da sua visita e se poder ler um pouco do que escrevi.
    Tenha muita paz e saúde.
    Sou António Batalha.

    1. Thank you, Antonio. Very kind. Wish I could read Portuguese..


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