Thursday, 13 March 2014


Much comes undercover in darkness, not
just the knives of knowledge splitting hard spines
open to bone white; a lifeless life still plots
its course, joins dots, fills in blanks, realigns

the needles when due, minutely adjusts
to grains of paper, grains of feelings, slopes
of steep time, the slow build up of threats, dust
storms of hope and hopelessness, it still gropes

thin lightlines, turns its fingers back to pinch
itself, its open, oozing flesh, dabs at pus
and blood, congealed velvet that makes it cringe
and turns back and goes on, hungry, listless.

Much comes in darkness, but it still goes on
presuming epiphany somehow equals dawn.


  1. Unknown (darkness)to man evolution misses not a step-baring the deterioration to the bone,a revelation,that the unknown,also is a force to reckon with-At par with the known-

    I am not sure if i got the meaning of this right-Frankly it did take some time to grasp

    1. This is sort of continuing the same thread of thought as in my previous post - in packets of dark. But the meaning of any poem lies in the eyes/mind of the reader too. Feel free to interpret it in any way you like. :)

  2. Hi Nila. These last two poems of yours strike me as darker as usual, or am I misinterpreting them? 'Much comes in darkness...' Unfortunately at times.

    Looking forward to seeing you at WEP soon!


    1. Hi Denise,
      Dark is such a delicious word, bad and good both. Working on my WEP entry and hope to be back. See you there.

  3. I actually went through this one thrice! yepp.. Much comes in darkness, but it still goes on, epiphany equals dawn. wow :) fell in love with the darkness.

    1. love the dark :) as in chocolate. Whatever vague epiphanies come to me, come in the dark mostly. Glad you enjoyed the poem

    2. Dark chocolate, dark night, dark thoughts. Darkness seems to bring out the best in people :)