Thursday 14 January 2016

The trick of a clothes horse

There’s a full length mirror, and a clothes horse
and as I look up suddenly, it seems
someone’s standing next to me, but of course
there’s no one there. A trick of light. A dream.

There’s no-one standing here, just empty sleeves
stirring as if they’d still go around me;
it’s only a short-lived spasm of half-sleep
an image conjured by solitude, a leap
of faith and air, transient, imaginary.

It’s only an empty coat, and the one
who wore it is never going to walk in.
A throb of air and light, a reflection
behind a silvered glass. Soon the dark will thin
dispersing the solace of illusion
as if it’s nothing; nor has ever been.


  1. And yet it was, and is. Conjured by longing, saved in soft hopeful dreams and thoughts.

  2. Hi Nila - that first reflective look into the mirror expecting the past vision ... but now it's the new one - and it's a new year and needs a change up (or loss of some parts of said reflective bod!). EC's comment is perfect - cheers Hilary

    1. Hi Hilary, your comment not too far behind EC's either! :) Looking forward to the good losses the year will bring.

  3. Memories follow us no matter what and can show up as anything.

    1. Indeed they do. In real life they show up in the most unlikely of things

  4. The imagining is intense here Nila. Those empty sleeves that could wrap around you is a very evocative image. We always need to be sensitive to this 'other' world that is so close to our 'real' world. Visions once seen, never forgotten. :-)

    1. My 'other' world is constantly pushing and shoving my 'real' one... :-)