Monday, 7 March 2016


Yes, you do not learn to write free verse
if you are used to bars, always have been -
curfews, quiet, composed, dinned rhyme words.
Freedom has rarely been dressed as a bird
in hand or bush; gnawing skies; even perched.
Annelids do not know a horizon.

The earth is scored with concentric rings
and the sky’s a terrace in azure.
The threshold’s swept, hair braided and pinned,
your fire’s just made for loving and giving
and freedom’s a crow with blackmangled wings
which hops away, and won’t come near.

Relieved to be back in usual verse mode, whew! This poem happened to waft into my brain, and I am putting it up here, though as with V-Day, it's Women's Day every single day, and Men's,  as far as I am concerned.  Happy humanity week to you!


  1. Hi Nila - it's great to have you back in verse mode ... reminds me of the wonderful photos I've seen of the Northern Lights, which are spectacular here at the moment ... we don't see them this far south ...

    Freedom's a crow with blackmangled wings, which hops away and won't come near ... yes - free to explore and grow ...

    Here's to all women and Cheers Hilary

  2. I should have added the image .. reminded me of Egyptian faience jewellery and design ... cheers Hilary

    1. Northern lights definitely on my bucket list. Love faience and Egyptian jewellery too, they have some great designers.
      Not all are free to explore and grow. Yet.

      But freedoms have come a long way in the last century - worth celebrating!

  3. Sometimes we need that freedom though, blackmangled and all.

  4. How I hope that freedom can spread those blackmangled wings - and soar. And a very happy Humanities week to you too.

    1. Might take a little time, but I do believe it will manage to spread its wings.

  5. How I wish words like that would waft into my brain, Nila. But I"m glad they waft into your and you share them with us so generously. '...the sky’s a terrace in azure...' Mmmmm

  6. The ones that waft into yours are quite super! nothing blackmangled about them for sure.

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