Sunday, 12 February 2017

Leftover smoke

Because it isn’t
always a given -
the pleasures of perfume -
I have breathed you in
through my heart
and skin,
through underlying veins
and every other sense
that zithered to life
when you ambled in.

When this whole
is once again
reduced to ash and dust,
what will rise -
no part of me –
but yours first and last
a faint thread, a residue
that’s yours, and only you.

I am not very good totally terrible at the hearts and chocolate and flower type thingies, so I am going with the less spectacular, sometimes acrid even, ways of celebrating this month. The mundane, the routine, the not so noticeable that actually fill our lives with joy and beauty, as a commenter remarked in my previous post.

And I want to just quickly mention that I am back at Write...Edit...Publish... on Wednesday 15th, where the prompt is 'Back of the Drawer' and can be as Valentine-y, or not, as you want.  Here's the list, looking forward to some super fun, definitely not something I'd want to keep in the back of the drawer :)


  1. I think you captured love and devotion well with that. The mushy stuff I'm really not good with.

    1. Me too, ditto. Not good a la mush. Definitely get squirmy.

  2. Wow! That last stanza... Expressing your essence

    1. That's what we all try to do, express the essence, each in his own way...don't we?

  3. Hi Nila - you can count me out on the mush too! This makes me sad ... as I think of the challenges smoking causes to women and their babies - sorry that's what came to mind. But your writing brings out thoughts I wouldn't otherwise have ... cheers Hilary

    1. Okay, cutting out any servings of mush for you, Hilary! :) smoke, spark whatever direction the thoughts go off is good by me...not promoting the unhealthy habit of smoking though, for anybody...don't like problems.

      Have a brilliant week!

  4. Zithered is such a good word. Excellent poem. Alas my sense of smell is lacking. I could be on fire and not know it. But I do shower daily- for the sake of others

    1. That makes two of us. My sense of smell is usually AWOL for a good few months of the year too. I haven't caught on fire yet, but have managed to burn dinner and not know it :)

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