Monday, 31 December 2018


December sunset over Tubli Bay, Bahrain.

Teach me to see beyond this horizon
to the sea beneath the sea,
beyond flames and haloes, golden icons,
where all is fluidity.
Teach me to listen with every organ
to the flight of the dragonfly,
teach me to breathe in the dust, and plankton,
with my naked skin, and eye.

You must swim the darkness and the ocean
and know true north isn’t fixed,
witness butterfly seasons close and open
knowing all is change and shift,
and everything’s a cusp and an omen;
and that a fluid core's a gift.


I gifted myself a MOOC (yes, I know. I'm addicted.) over  the festival season, which in my parts lasts from September to mid-January, well actually it doesn't end even then because, well - spring! Anyways, this text  I read over at that MOOC resulted in the above. Because I know I will forget. 

My year-end has been a bit turbulent - I'm posting this from an unscheduled trip to Calcutta due to a family health crisis. Travelled back on Boxing Day and will be here over the New Year. Things fall apart but then they reconfigure, they are on the mend, fortunately...super grateful for all I/we have received this season. 

Wishing all who stop by here a fun and fulfilling New Year 2019. May your horizons and cusps be captivating always and may you always be able to see beyond and beneath. May each day be a blessing. Happy New Year!


  1. Hari om
    I love this poem! Perfect for new year. I knoa so many who have faced bereavement this season and am glad that your family situation improved! All the very best for 2019!!! YAM xx

  2. I am glad that your family member is better. Like Yam, I have known too many bereaved in recent days.
    And love the gift of your poem. Thank you.
    I hope that 2019 brings you peace and joy.

  3. this poem is so perfect for now - I shall keep in mind that all is fluid. I understand family member health issues - we are dealing with both of Ray's folks right now - surgeries,etc. I wish healing for all - yours and mine.
    Your writing has been lovely and I look forward to more in 2019. Take care

  4. I hope your family member stays on the mend. Have an awesome New Year's!

  5. Hope all is well now. I've been reading on my phone and find it really hard to comment on there. Hope your New Year is a good one.

  6. I hope hope 2019 shows better fortune to you, and I'd extend that wish to the rest of the world as well.