Sunday 6 December 2020

Cleaning the case


The sunset’s like a chromatograph

the pinks travel faster than blues.

I’m clearing the clutter from my bags

decades of paper residues -

foldable maps that fit in wallets

from trips in far places, now collapsed

loose currencies in zippered pockets,

coupons of the vanished and lapsed.

Clean darkness wipes out the mess of clouds,

my cases too are stripped of stubs,

the pocket corners duly turned out

the labels off, the metal rubbed.

Yet there’s a faint patch - that stubborn glue

just won’t come off whatever I do.


  1. That stubborn glue (literal and metaphorical) has continued to stick here too.

    1. The metaphorical glue is nearly always stickier..

  2. That one memory that will never fade.

  3. and you'll reach in a pocket again and find another scrap of something.

  4. Hi Nila - my brain is that stubborn glue at the moment ... I must wrest it free to clean my cases! Here's to some success this year ... take care - Hilary