Tuesday, 21 September 2021



You’re waiting for news but it does not come,

the rain is hard needles, yet still lissome

the cobbles are worn, the bricks are a ruin

a hair’s breadth between right and wrong doing.

You want to escape the nonstop urban noise

the jangling of nerves and the shattered poise

but you end up where you’d rather not be

walking the bleak footpaths of a sob story.

It all looks so pretty at the eye level,

the flower garlands, the bass of the conch shell,

but under the skin of the red mud pathway

it turns different -  right, might and power play.


  1. "Right, might and power play." Say no more, Nila. Nothing to do with moving back to India???

    1. Like it or not, We are all being dragged into a new world that's increasingly alarming to me.

  2. Dear Nila - yes ... it's difficult to keep a perspective on life at the moment - so many challenging problems over which one has no control - leadership seems to be missing. Yet we need to realise we can live within our own parameters ... just being aware as the world moves along.

    Waiting is always a challenge, yet a necessity at times ... all the best - Hilary

    1. Thanks Hilary. Yes, the solutions to some problems are just a function of time. Nothing to do but wait in those cases. Living mindfully is important, so is learning to wait. Stay safe and well, dear friend