Sunday 19 March 2023

Ignoring Bill


Could easily be this bus too! 

In some life I'll go to Italy. I'll ignore Bill

But not set foot on the Appian, nor the seven hills,

and make no attempt to see the rich, coffered ceilings -

treat all the cities with the same indifferent feeling,

walk lightly on some nondescript shoreline untouched by

history or magnificence or art. Not bother my

head with shapes of cuisine, what roads are made of, what's home,

compare my comfort zones and this strange coastline of foam,

no, none of that touristy fretting. Instead I'd wear

each day like a daisy behind my ear. From the air

pluck an hour floating down like a feather rinsed in light

and stick it golden in my cap. No bus stops in sight,

I'd ask directions off some farmhand, neither of us

speaking the other's tongue. He'd still get me to the bus. 


Well, obviously the thing about cats and nine lives hasn't finished buzzing round my bonnet yet. I was reading Billy Collins - one of my many comfort zones, the particular poem is linked in the first line if you're interested. So, naturally. One can dream of being light hearted. Light hearted is a comfort zone too.

The heart is especially in need of lightening and comfort right now. Even as I aspire to run off on some footloose n fancy free trip to unknown bits of the Med, I am in actual fact on my way to Cal quite unscheduled, accompanying hubby on a crisis management mission. 

The offspring was here from NC for the spring break last week, within my helicoptering orbit for a brief time so that was made the most of...those skills were specially shined up for the occasion. That's the good news. The bad news is that the news never stops going bad, never mind how well the month starts off...And so we're going to Cal. We're back in Fiji early April and hopefully I'll be in better control of blogging and time away from blogging by then. Fingers, toes and all limbs crossed. However, the weight on ye olde heart is likely to remain off the charts for the foreseeable future.

I was planning on signing up to the theme reveal at the A-Z last week but thought better of it as I've no idea what my March will end up like. I know I am at the A-Z in April, this is my tenth year running and I am determined to complete the challenge...we shall see. I've got my theme loosely worked out, I'm delving deeper into Aspects of Fiji. Like last year but I was hoping a bit less frazzled, less haphazard and more interesting because it'd not be based on my personal experience alone. Less one sided is what I'm trying to say. A slightly more objective lens now that I've spent a year over here. My usual cultural thumbnails, if you've read the other A-Z posts here you'll know what I mean. But frazzled is the flavour of this decade...I think the universe has given me enough signs for me to write it off as a train wreck

Not sure if I'll be able to post from India...probably too much going on, but if I can I will. Till then, keep well. See you soon. 


  1. Hari OM
    Safe travels, Nila; may all the fraught be turned to naught... YAM xx

  2. I LOVE Yam's comment and concur. Look after yourself. Please.

  3. Hoping for the best possible outcome for the crisis situation. I look forward to your A to Z.

  4. Sorry about the crisis. Hope you can find some carefree moments. Miss doing the A to Z but just couldn't keep up anymore.

  5. Wow - hope the crisis gets averted and you can wander about with a free mind. Good luck and we'll be here when you need to reach out through poetry, a rant, or however you wish to communicate. We can hear a silent scream too.

  6. Hi Nila - too many crises going on ... thank you for the introduction to Billy Collins. Good luck as you navigate across the globe - enjoy seeing your son on your 'tour' ... and I hope business can be resolved. The rest of things ... looks dubious, but I hope sense reigns. I gave up on the A-Z - far too regulated now ...frustrating - but so be it. Cheers Hilary