Saturday, 2 June 2012

Beloved, you are

the constant river in my heart, you are the one
who can wrest my formless shadow from the light
and fill it in with the details of a reflection;

you show me the pools of greed and grief and slight
in my eyes, you tell me that it is more than just a shape,
a darker form of darkness that dogs me day and night;

you are the river, your waves are the ones who drape
the merciless sawteeth of rocks  with waterfalls
smoothing the edge of chaos in the mindscape;

from the secret crevice to where the mangrove sprawls
you run unstoppable as a stream of molten metal,
your oxbows a moat around my defenceless walls;

minds fly, and restless feet, but you can calmly settle
into the course, and effortless, flow over every trial;
treat sharp oar stabs the same as falling petals.

I know you are the river, it’s so foolish and futile
these endless quibbles over names – Ganga, Niger or Nile.

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  1. Life and the way of it ..
    loved the picture and the beautiful poem ..

    came over for saturday hop from andy sir's blog


    1. Thank you for coming over, Bikramjit, and for your comment. Glad you enjoyed the post

  2. Excellent how beautiful the words its so much about life and yet in total comparison with life... loved it!
    Keep writing

    1. Thank you, Ramya! This one in particular mirrors my life, not all my poems do, so this one is a special fav :)
      Check out for a new poem every week Mon, thanks much for coming over.

  3. Dear Nilanjana,
    Visiting from Blog Hop Saturday!

    This was beautiful and you're matter what we call any aspect of's STILL the river of life, for all life needs water to exist. Nicely composed. Thanks for sharing. Thanks also for linking up to Blog Hop Saturday! Looking forward to seeing you again soon. Take care.

    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn...

    1. Dear Andy

      Thank you for visiting and for your very kind words. And also for hosting the BHS, so very pleased to be part of it.


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