Monday 11 June 2012

Rummaging in the drawer

I came upon an old love poem of yours
the date on the page said you loved me then
as you do now, but I hadn’t read it before
had I done so, I wouldn’t have forgotten

you write them still, but now it’s a different ink
it flows freer, and has a quicker drying time
while the other was an uncertain thing
halting heartfelt words dressed up in garish rhyme

it was like coming upon a picture of your face
an old monochrome batch of tender childhood
pert innocence, perhaps touched with just a trace
of bluster, before it showed the colours of fortitude.

it made the morning flinch, suddenly poignant
as it placed your youth in my old hands thus
and showed that love, even when it is constant
changes into different forms of precious.


  1. Dropped in again to read new poem, your every poem is so much different from the previous one...

    Wonderful you give us variety keep them coming.

    1. Ya, variety being the spice of life :) thanks for dropping by and reading. Look fwd to your visit/feedback on the next one too, come back soon

  2. Dear Nilanjana,
    This wonderful prose brought a smile to my face. We age with time and season, but love, once in your midst, only gets stronger and stronger. Beautifully expressed.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Nice award by the way! LOL

    Voice In The Wind

  3. Thank you, Andy! And yes, got that award at one cool challenge ;)

  4. Remembered an old poem in the drawer and took it out to read it once again, thanks for this beautiful reminder. Love matures like old wine and keeps us young :)

    1. Totally!! Proverb I've read somewhere that goes - no warmth like the quilt of a mature love/partner offers...glad it brought out an old poem of yours :) Thanks for coming over

  5. I am at a loss of words... You are truly amazing! Don't know how else to put in words the awe I am feeling now.

    1. Thank you for that very feel-good and generous comment, Kriti!

  6. Beautiful! So lucid..pure magic!