Sunday, 17 March 2013

Green glass bangles

There’s no call for long strings of black beads,
bangles in green glass threaded on the wrist
and the conch turned out like inverted ribs,
paired with dead blood red worn on the sleeve;
put up on a clear docile display, as if
love and its vows are things to exhibit!
come without the brocades, really there’s no need
to bring in the trays of rituals, green gifts
to proclaim your love, or would that be ownership?
you can walk straight up, nothing’s better on knees
and I will walk with you the whole round trip
beyond the sacred fire, even into the splits
of time and darkness and the light of release
marked with just the vermilion of your spirit.



  1. Very nice and contemporary indeed


    1. Thanks, there are rhymes tucked in somewhere if you look closely enough :)

  2. the word vermillion...i take it the adornments you describe int he opening are cultural in regards to love? and there is no need for a show...let us walk together...and the commitment to do it together...

    1. Yes, they are all marital jewellery/symbols worn by women upon engagement/wedding in different parts of India. In my culture guys are not required to reciprocate :)

  3. So much of inner meanings. I got lost in the lines. :)


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