Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Never mind the colours

The winters of your
absence so harsh and bitter;
touch me into spring
there are birds enough
wild things measure the grasses
hop on softened ground
stripped branches become
lacy with leaves, heady with
graceful green splashes
there’s a tradition
of epic remade into
verse, seasons to spring
but never mind shades
of Holi, touch me with your
colourless temples
bent, workday knuckles
the curves of wrists and ankles –
touch me into spring.
Tomorrow is Holi, the spring festival of colours.  Happy Holi to you if you are celebrating.
For OLN @ dVerse


  1. touch me into spring

    how evocative...and cool you repeat it as it deserves it...and really like like the fluidity of your close...that last stanza is a winner...

  2. Love the touch into spring ~ I specially adore these lines:

    stripped branches become
    lacy with leaves, heady with
    graceful green splashes

    Can't wait for it ~

  3. I just love the last stanza and the words:

    "Touch me into spring."

    I sense we are ALL ready!

  4. Such beautiful words...I want to be touched into spring...instead I'm being touched into Autumn (

    A visit to the latest RFW post might just make your day Nilanjana!


  5. Loved the words "lacy with leaves" - great imagery. Happy Holi. Dropping by from dVerse.

  6. oh yeah..i wanna be touched into spring as well...just can't wait...the repetition works so well here

  7. My favorite is the first...wonderful.

  8. Happy Holi to thee too.
    I love the holiday -- we celebrated at a local temple last year.
    In its simple, folky practice, it is a great way to leave colorless winter behind. But even the grey temple, the barren trees and much of Winter has her beauty and I shall miss her.
    The horror os Holika being burned to death while Prahlada survives does not seem so wonderful. Sometimes it is best not to know from whence Holidays come. I will always love Holi and always only think of it as throwing colors in celebration/traditions of community and the seasons - and of soon, like sparrows, being able to hop on soft ground.

  9. you really have a 'touch' writing about spring's arriving ;)

  10. The first stanza is stunningly good - and the rest of the poem is a fine continuation of that beginning.

  11. I like how you identify so many aspects of life that converge to create a sense of spring. Nice.

  12. Thank you all for your comments and feedback, completely made my day...

  13. Very beautiful poem <3
    I especially loved the first and 3rd stanzas :)


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