Friday, 1 March 2013

Perhaps rubaiyat

Perhaps the work, the love, the loss, the fear
the arbitrary paths on which they veer
fall into place once everything’s over
fall into place and become at once clear


but love’s boundless how can it disappear?
done with tomorrow, or sometime next year
a lover’s forever damned to be a lover
a worker all his days to persevere


it could be that there’s some charioteer
more likely it’s what we prefer to hear
patch the edge of infinite and never
with flute and cream and force them to cohere.


reasons are fruits, the randomness that’s here
is the only promise made to us, my dear
lucid grasp of it wasn’t the covenant ever
only the work, the love, the loss, the fear.

I'm still somewhat obsessed with the eastern forms, though can't quite get my head around syllable counts and caesuras and such. Does it look like a rubai to you?

Happy birthday, Baba! Celebrating it here with a big biryani and a few rubais!


  1. A ghazal in English and now Rubaiyat...that's another wow...I loved these off-beat efforts:):)

    1. Nice to get a poet's approval Amitji :) thanks much for your words

  2. The last line, as last lines are meant to do summed it up beautifully!

    I love your creations! Do you have a book of poetry or one soon to come out? Would love to own it!

    1. Thanks, Yolanda! No books (of poetry) so far :) all hanging loose here and there :D

  3. You are such a romantic!!! I love that in a woman (smile). Great write my friend.

    1. Thank you, Andy. Now that could spark off an interesting debate about which gender is more romantic :)


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