Friday, 14 June 2013

The small print on the wall

You built a den, and I rented it for some time,
and I hung a picture that I liked on a strip;
as I looked at it suddenly the wall felt mine,
yet I knew the truth - rights of use and ownership.


The print was mine, and what lay behind the print
was never mine, but it held the string and it pegged
something dear; and so the wall, inch by inch,
moved closer to me through the fragile connect.


You asked for it in due course, the lease was up
so I took the picture off the wall and out I came;
but all day long all I could see was this smudged
faint dark line on the paint rubbed by the frame.




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  2. Lovely wordings NB, I so much loved the way you have conveyed the feeling of getting connected to something or someone knowing that it can never be ours, in such simple words...
    Loved it completely...

  3. Thank you both, Ramya and Debopam.

  4. That was indeed lovely. And the beauty was in the simplicity of the prose.
    My first time visiting your blog. I'm sure first of many!

  5. Short,Crisp and Simple...yet beautifully and meaningfully penned down :-) Loved it..!!


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