Monday, 10 June 2013

The big reveal

No tree falls, so there’s nothing to hear
just a shrub of lilac flowers, they appear
pale, bleached to white in the harsh sunlight
the fragrance too delicate to be clear


even when breathed in deep and long. Outside
the four winds quickly disperse it wide.
I bring an offhand handful in the room
and a dimmer light reveals what sunlight hides.



  1. a dimmer light reveals what sunlight hides
    wow loved this line NB...

    1. Good to see you, Ramya! Glad you enjoyed the close.

  2. Loved it. I think you have uncommon punctuation like Emily Dickinson though you've hardly used any.

    1. Whoa, some compliment! ED is a favourite. Not very sure re the bit about my uncomon punctuation. But very awed and flattered at her name being taken in the same breath. Thank you for reading.


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