Monday, 17 June 2013


It’s good again to be back on the road
my roots and skirts in my arms, horizons broad;
the moon-cool night at my back, silver-soft
flimsy clouds overhead in travel mode,


free again from what’s lost, both odds and gods,
weave the roots into cloth and pin with clods;
the moon hushes whisper light and all talk’s stopped,
sapphire fire’s in the stars, the breeze an ode.



  1. That feeling of complete freedom, haven't felt that in a long, long time. You've captured it well. It's something I miss, strongly sometimes. Funny how we lose that.

    Stop by, I've chosen you! If anyone has a lock on inspiration, it's you!

  2. its bliss to FEEL FREE !!
    wonderfully expressed.

  3. Felt so Care freeeeeeeeee :) literally felt like I am enjoying the freedom :D air in my hair... NB :D

  4. looks like u were in a really chirpy mood while penning this ^_^