Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Fine, just leave it blank then

You feel and think, and write the stuff you must write
a few dark drops of allotted ink, then mostly white.
The longest poems still leave half the paper blank,
and blanks within the verse however crisp and tight.


I read and think that a mass of ink spattered dense
without those very blanks and spaces makes no sense;
there have to be the loops and gaps, they must soak in
before the meaning dawns like a lotus opens.


So leave the blanks as you please, don’t ink each bit
and I will find my way to the meaning of it
easy perhaps due to the gaps, what you don’t write
the inferred words more poignant than the explicit.


  1. You can interpret so much from the blanks a person leaves :)

  2. the layers to your words!!! This is your 2nd post I am reading today...Really nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. the language of blanks and silence! Good one!

    1. Mostly superior to that of words. Thanks for reading.

  4. You always say so much with so few words. Yes, the blanks really say it all!

    1. Thanks for being here. Glad to know my blanks make sense ;)