Sunday, 16 October 2016

Doesn't need a sonnet

This too is not a sonnet – this evening
of discourse, maybe discourse is too grand –
a lesser word, of slightly muted ring
would fit better.  This isn’t a last stand,

some philosophical debate we must
engage in and prove this point or that,
a blazing issue raising heat and dust,
not even a pointless, desultory chat

about mundane non-events. It’s just your
cup, rimmed in myriad coffee stains, near mine,
sudden headlights swiped across walls and floor,
a yodelling cat at eight, the news at nine.

The warmth of your breath in rooms, a measured
pulse in my space.  Needs no sonnets or words.

Okay, mouse-potato happy-whingy self back on the red couch writing love poetry with brand new non-crisis on hands. I have never mastered the art of the smartphone blogging, or for that matter any of that interface, the teeny-tiny screen/keypad is hard on my feeble eyesight. So when my computer broke down last week, my heart sank to my ankles (it normally resides at the level of my knees. When it's not flailing around in my throat, that is.)  

This is an extra busy time, there's the upcoming Write...Edit...Publish... Halloween Octoberfest in a couple of days, (check out the link and sign up if you haven't already), and I am bang in the middle of online courses as well, where I have fallen inexorably behind because of my unscheduled travel to Kolkata and all that palaver. Apart from the dismay at the disruption in contact with family and friends which assumes unwarranted importance when you live far away from them.  Not a happy bunny, as you can imagine....

But then necessity is the mother of turning every last stone.  I took out and dusted off my ancient behemoth which got damaged in transit from Cairo two years ago. I never got around to disposing it, mainly because I didn't manage to pick out all the files I want saved from it, yeah, I'm lazy like that. One half of that laptop is kind of clinging onto the other half by one single wire, so I didn't have much hope - but hey! it still works! It weighs as much as a baby elephant, and its speed is just as ponderous as a full grown one, but it works. There's a silver lining to everything - even laziness, poor housekeeping and electronic clutter. Life lesson in there somewhere. 


  1. I am thrilled to see so many names on the WEP list. And look forward (so much) to reading the contributions.
    I am also very glad that you have managed to stay on-line and have identified some of procrastination's positives.

    1. Me too! October is always a great month at WEP.

  2. This week could go down in history as my ode to procrastination. :) I've struggled all week to get even the first item on my 'to do list' - talk about lazy!
    My move to the beach has caused me to realize that internet access isn't a given and working around that can be stressful, but, for that view, I'm adjusting. :)
    So glad to hear you are too! The things we do to stay connected!

    1. Sometimes my whole life feels like an ode to procrastination! not that that is necessarily a bad thing :)

  3. Your general writing is SO descriptive. I would give hearts to so many sentences. Good luck on staying caught up.

    1. Thanks for the hearts and the luck...much needed and appreciated

  4. Okay no sonnet it’ll be
    No sonnet will you see
    No sonnet this time
    No sonnet of mine

    A debate we might do
    Between me and you
    About dust on my feet
    Before I up and retreat

    Yet the love we will see
    As the night by us flees
    No other will I know
    Because love you show

    The warmth of your heart
    Keep me safe in the dark
    Yes no sonnets we need

  5. Glad that old laptop still works! I couldn't blog using my phone either.

    1. Old turned out to be gold...I'm useless with phones.

  6. Hi Nila - and that behemoth ... doesn't forget - thankfully for you. Well done Mr Machine ...

    I hope you can get things sorted, get writing, catch up ... and all things relax back into being home. Also that Kolkata stays reasonably calm ...

    Cheers Hilary

    1. All calm on both fronts for the time excuse not to get sorted :)

  7. Great ending!
    Relax. Everything will be alright

    1. Yup, they will indeed...things have to fall apart before they fall into place.

  8. Very nice bit of poetry with a wise closing.

    I've become so dependent on my computers that I probably should take a retreat from them for a while. I'm not sure I could do it without experiencing some serious withdrawal. We have a few operating computers around our house that can serve as back-up in case one or another goes kaput. Then there are a couple of them not in use with the files that I'm afraid will be lost and I haven't taken the time to clean them up so they can be disposed of properly. My life is being taken over by computers in more ways than one.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. I know I am way too dependent on these gizmos - but can't find a way out. A retreat would be good to try...


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