Monday, 10 October 2011

I'm only saying

A climax in a couplet, or a miraculous moral
Was never mine to give, you can take what you take.
I only saw skies like broken hearts of toddy palms
Carelessly framed by a tattered fringe of rose and coral,
I only saw white jasmine waves advance and break
Over sandbars stretched out like yearning arms.

When the deserts dance across on their dainty tip-toes
And the sandy wind swirls its veil and pirouettes
I’ve watched as though there can be no other miracle.
No other wide breasted river where the pointed boat goes
Upstream and across.  One gets what one gets.
A half-and-half life can also be magical.

I’m only saying what I’ve seen, I’m not here to make
A fuss of cherry coloured words, you can take what you take.

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