Sunday, 31 May 2015


I’ve been drinking half-latte since you’ve gone;
seems fitting – this dilution when alone,
that the strength and taste of coffee should change-
half the richness, the spoon’s lonely one-mug plunge,
the very rims of cup, contents and home.

Nearness underpins all manner of things,
the scents and concentrations of my mornings,
the places and glasses set at my table.
Distance makes my words flicker, disables
them in fade-out grey, slightly shifts the meanings.

The worlds spin the same, and my life too turns
regardless of when you leave and return.
I drink my coffee, I write the verses down;
I chat with friends, mention you’re out of town;
I find new frames for words like ‘lone’ and ‘yearn’.


  1. I would feel like that if my wife took business trips like that.

    1. Good to have confirmation and a man's POV, thank you.

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    1. Is one, half of two or
      is it still not a whole
      Having been as one
      does it not make one pounder
      in shades of black and white
      which is better, then or now and
      what role will my feelings take
      If I change will all stay the same

      For Alex could we also not cease to care?

    2. That's a great point - is one not whole? It is, till it becomes two, or more, and then one is whole but also a part :)

  3. Pensive.
    Love the wistful tone...

    1. Wistful/whinge-y is the specialty over here :D Thanks for stopping by..

  4. Hi Nila - sad words and thoughts ... but dilute is the right word ... I am one, but I am one .... while others who are couples would be desolate to be one ... that togetherness is wonderful to see ... the way we can meet our soul mate, yet sometimes that soul mate feels a need to move on ... leaving a soul behind.

    Cheers Hilary

    1. Some souls feel complete on their own, some feel complete when they are paired with many paths to wholeness as there are opinions, to paraphrase an Indian seer...

      Hope your week is going well.

  5. Lonliness, well written,
    I've missed you too!

    1. Same here. Great to see you! Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Hi Nila!

    I love how you find the small things and celebrate them in words, small things we may think about in a shallow way while 'getting on with it'. I love the half-latte!!

    Lovely to see you and Yolanda getting reacquainted. You guys are lovely, lovely people! I wish I could have you here in Oz!!

    Denise :-)

    My IWSG post on Mindfulness

    1. Mindfulness is all about the small things, isn't it? I love all things coffee, half-latte or otherwise :~)
      And do please be careful what you wish for Denise, I might just turn up one of these days!

  7. Nice poem..

  8. "Coffee is a language in itself."- Jackie Chan
    Lovely poem, Nilanjana:) Hot, sweet and fragrant:):)

  9. Thanks Anjali.

    Have to agree with Jackie Chan, Amitji :) glad you enjoyed the poem, always feels great to have another poet's assessment...thank you for stopping by.