Wednesday 13 February 2013

You know it anyway

Time again for re-telling, there’s nothing new to say
and that too feels fine, the melted blanket comfort,
the same tangy taste of faint peppermint words
the great affirmation of an everyday cliché.
And I have loved you so, that I have given away
every puff of breath, and each spike and spurt
of billowing delight, likewise the cracked hurt
till the heart is zilch, and zilch is halfway
to some infinity, unseen and unheard,
to some stone-etched heaven dancing inert;
a temple by an ocean trapped into being a bay
and everything is itself yet fluidly converts,
wriggles into a symbol, into a fully figured
thing of flesh and blood, yet too of foam and spray.



  1. ha. we both have peppermint in our poems today...zilch is halfway to some infinity is a rather cool thought...the imagery and symbolism of the ocean trapped into a bay as well is tight...hope you are well...smiles.

  2. the peppermint words especially...and even though they's always good to tell them again and again...smiles

    1. Agree that it bears frequent repetition:) thank you!

  3. I specially like this part:

    the cracked hurt
    till the heart is zilch, and zilch is halfway
    to some infinity

    Wishing you Happy Sunday ~

  4. Sometimes it is good if there is nothing new to say. It means life is good just as it is...status quo is just fine. Smiles.

  5. Funny when I think I have nothing to say, I get started and have difficulty finding the end....?