Saturday 15 September 2012

Tagged for the Liebster

Janu has very kindly tagged me where she has won the Leibster Blog Award.    She is a super cool mom and a poet, and I have got to know her poems from dVerse.  I am greatly flattered to be tagged by her, though I feel a little apprehensive as well.  You want to tag me? For an award? Are you sure? :D

The Rules -

You have to post eleven facts about yourself.

Then you answer eleven questions the tagger has asked you and you post eleven questions for people you are going to tag.

Tag eleven bloggers (with no more than 200 followers )

Tell people that they have been tagged.

No tagging back.

Okay, here goes...11 random facts about me.

1.    I can’t think of 11 things about myself in one shot.  Fact.
2.    I have a phobia about jumping across ditches.  It might have something to do with my falling into one when I was a toddler. Not that I remember.

3.   I have spent only a quarter of my life living at my birthplace.

4.   I love words. Is birthplace a word?  I love poetry too, as if you haven’t figured that out already...

5.   It is easy for me to forgive, but I don’t care that I can’t forget.  All memories are good once aged..

6.   I am a snail not a sparrow.  I like travelling by road/trains far, far more than I like travelling by air.

7.   My child does things on my cell/laptop far quicker than I can.  I am secretly a little proud of that.

8.   The more my skin loosens around me, the more comfortable I am in it.

9.   It’s too much bother finding out if my cup is half full or half empty. I’d rather focus on the drinking. Whatever it is, it generally turns out enough.

10.  When I started working, typewriters were still around.

11.I am not a fan of religious rituals, but love the lyrical qualities inherent in the scriptures of all religions. Such groovy poetry!

The questions I have been asked to answer are:

      Is feminism overrated?

Dunno...How can something with an –ism at the end be overrated? 

It sure does produce riveting poetry.  Try Maya Angelou, or Margaret Atwood, Christina Rosetti, Edna St Vincent Millay, Sylvia Plath...many names from Bengal and the sub-continent too...

There's a debate that bloggers are not writers - your take on this?

Of course, I know a few bloggers who do multimedia posts, of their music, or paintings or other art, there are several awesome photoblogs I enjoy yes, there are some who are not writers....

One thing you would like to change about yourself.

Nah... thank you.  Perfection is so boring...I’d much rather be a bit flawed...ok a lot flawed...never mind....

    Can online friends become 'real' friends offline?

OMG, you mean you haven’t watched “You’ve got mail”?

One issue you are passionate about.


According to you what's the greatest revolution of this century? why?

The century is only 12 years old.... still too young....teenage and just after is when the real revolutions happen...

A book that has influenced you the most.

I am influenced too bloody easily....whole pile of them here....too many to list..

The one cause you would really fight for.......

All are born equal...but some become more equal than others...with due respect to Orwell for the misquote

Beauty and brains......( complete this sentence)

    ....are irrevocably linked...can’t have beauty without brains...

A quality you hate in others.

Don’t like the word hate, smells too strong....not my style of perfume at all...I don’t use it....avoid being in the same room with people who wear it me a headache

Money vs happiness.

The answer my friend lies in Ogden Nash. 

My 11 questions for the tagged bloggers

1.   If you could have any one wish granted, what would it be?

2.   Is acceptance a better route to happiness than striving to change?

3.   What's more important, to carry your heritage or to carve out a future despite it?

4.   Have you ever read any poetry after you left school? If yes, who is your favourite poet?

5.   If you had to choose just one thing that your mum said to you to keep in memory, what would that be?

6.   One person, two tools/gadgets, and three books that you’d choose to be marooned with in a desert island.

7.   What’s your addiction?

8.   Forest or street, which would you rather be and why?

9.   Leaving aside your family and friends, when you say “my people” who exactly do you mean?

10.Is non-violence a practical response in the current environment?

11. Are we losing touch with reality because of the Internet?

The bloggers I am tagging are

1.    Ramya
            2.    Sulekha Rawat

3.    Abhinav R
            4.    Kriti

5.    Mamta
            6.    Elen

7.   Sudeshna
            8.    Sakshi

            10.   Gulnaz

11.  John






  1. My dear friend Nilanjana : Thank you very much for visiting me. I´m glad to see you there. Yor blog is very nice. Sorry I don´t have time, but I´ll come again, you ´re a good person, I know. Kiss Elen

    1. Dear Elen, I love visiting your blog, whenever I can. Love the poems and music both! Thanks for coming back so promptly on this. See you soon again. Much love.

  2. Hurrayyyyyyyyyyyyy I am tagged by NB my god thankssssssssss,
    Oh my god :D I am tagged for an award and should follow a tradition :D now that makes me lagging behind twice :D OK this time will definitely follow all the traditions related to my awards on blog :D

    Thanks a lot NB

    Regarding the Answers u have given awesome shows such a fantastic person you are and also I loved your answers for "Century" and "hate" related questions :D

    The Questions you have asked :D oh my god :D it seems like my engineering Logic Design question paper :D anyways :D will try my best...

    1. You are welcome Ramya! Of course you don't like the smell of hate...if you like Prada :) Have fun!

  3. Congratulations for the award :-)

  4. Thank you for the tag,your answers are awesome and questions are tough :))

    1. Welcome, Sulekha....the answers end up being tougher and questions awesome ;-)

  5. Thank you very much for tagging me! I am very happy that you liked my blog :)
    Your answers were interesting. But I think, your questions are too tough for me..
    Thank you, Keep Blogging :)

  6. Nilanjana very very flattered by this! Thank you so much for thinking I am worth it! Although my question is the same as yours - Me? Award?? - ha ha!
    Okay all the things I have to do - goes on top priority on my to do list : )) Thanks again!

    1. Very welcome! Of course you guys are worth it!! :) Looking fwd to checking in on you all sometime to figure out if the questions are set right :))

  7. // Dunno...How can something with an –ism at the end be overrated?

    It sure does produce riveting poetry. Try Maya Angelou, or Margaret Atwood, Christina Rosetti, Edna St Vincent Millay, Sylvia Plath...many names from Bengal and the sub-continent too...//

    Loveed your take on feminism, life, are bloggers writers AND beauty-brains!! kudos!!!

    Do stop by my blog! I'd love your comments & visits!!