Tuesday, 9 April 2013

How will you take it - light or dark or grey?

Everything must thin
for the dark to come in
for the light to pass through
and become the dark too


all must be effaced
and the feelings faced
and maybe that’s just light
but could also be the night.


It may be either-or
but equally, nuanced more
a long gradual fade
from slow light to shade


both of them must thin
so how’ll you determine
which of them will do
and which is finally true?


  1. Intense poem, though i can't come up with an answer myself. Loved the contemplative take and the choice and flow of words:)

    1. No-one has the answers :) thank you for the feedback!

  2. i could read my life in the deceptive shades of light you've portrayed here :) Every time I was stuck not knowing what to believe and what not; every time I was confused on my own perceptions, every time life teased me on my notion.

    i read it thrice and each time i see more meaning in it. maybe some thoughts you never wanted to convey, maybe every thought you wished to share.

    1. Thank you for the detailed reading and response.