Sunday 1 September 2013

Up and down NH 31A

I saw nothing much of the peaks -
the monsoon weeks
are not the best viewing time.
But the climb
showed me a few other things:
hope, misgivings
happen at every altitude
whatever’s viewed.


Sometimes it takes the mountain mists,
covered summits,
obscure skies and clouds heaped up
to clear the nub;
sometimes a diffuse, dimmer light
shows up the heights
so much sharper; clearer than
clear sunlight can.

Back at my own breaking-down-every-minute workstation, (or maybe I should call it an idlestation?) after a two month break in India. Happy with the holidays, happy to be back.


  1. Loved this one yes sometimes miracle happens :D

  2. Hmm. Maybe we can/do see clearer when our vision is obscured. Brilliant. The last stanza especially.

    1. Thanks, Denise. The inner eye focuses better, I think.