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More than just a kiss Blogfest.

This is my entry for the "More than just a Kiss" blogfest hosted by Christine Rains and Cecilia Roberts.

This excerpt is part of a long short called "The Return".  The story opens where a woman called Nisha has come back home from abroad after ten years.  The flash here gives the reason for her leaving home and staying away. 

A few words on the context:

Rakhi - is an Indian ritual celebrating the bond between a sister and brother, but is often extended to cousins and sometimes between  a young man and woman who are close but may not be related by blood. Sisters tie a thread around the wrists of their brothers on the day, pray for their long life and success, and brothers promise protection.  The ritual is sometimes used to fend off unwanted advances.

Nisha, originating from Sanskrit, means night and is used as a name for girls. Nasha means intoxication, and is not commonly used as a name.

The Flight

Neev refused Nisha’s Rakhi that year.  She was confused, distraught. So he stopped Nimmie also from tying one.  He said it was childish. He would take her hand casually on the way to the cinema, on the road, on the beach; he would take Nimmie’s too on the other side.  And Nisha would feel him searching for a handhold somewhere unfathomable. 

Nimmie left for university.   Nisha alone negotiated the beachfront with Neev.  He would link his arm through hers, walk for an unconscionable time in silence, nothing concrete to object.  He grew reckless, his eyes frankly adoring, a secret smile lifting his mouth; she grew panicked, withdrawn, fed-up at her own lack of control and confusion.

One night she stumbled.  He reached to steady her, and she ended up against him, with his wildly beating heart under her cheek.  She felt his sharply in-drawn, ragged breath in her hair; his hard nipple brushing against her earlobe through the thin tee.  Then the texture of his lips on her skin.  He tasted of the sea, and freedom; the seconds and the skies spun in a dizzying melee.

She recovered at his whisper,“Nasha, –Nasha?”  

When exactly had he distorted her name? Why hadn’t she noticed it at the time?  She wept in great dry sobs as she stepped back and dealt him a ringing slap.
“This is wrong. You’re my –”
“No.  You know it's not. And I don’t feel the least like your brother, haven’t ever felt like it.”

 WC - 248.

"A kiss, when all is said, what is it? 'Tis a secret told to the mouth instead of to the ear." ~ Edmond Rostand.

The wonderful Cecilia Robert and Christine Rains would like to invite you to the MORE THAN JUST A KISS blogfest!

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The rules are simple:

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But wait! This is more than a blogfest. They're offering prizes!

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Cecilia Robert and Christine Rains.

Cecilia, Christine, and Kyra will each choose one of their favorites to give out some fantastic ebooks.

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  1. Oh, I can see trouble brewing either way the relationship goes.

  2. Oh, Nilanjana, this was very emotional. All the 'N' names were confusing but once I'd sorted out who was who I really enjoyed it, especially the shattering kiss.

  3. Ah, first love and the stolen kiss. I had a kiss stolen once, I was angry too! LOL

    But he was intoxicated with her! Does she eventually return those feelings?

    So glad you joined the blogfest!

  4. Lovely piece although there were so many characters to begin with, and all with names starting with N.

  5. My goodness - deep drama here.

  6. Very interesting scene. Lots of mystique - are they not brother & sister? will they end up together? what other troubles will brew? Writer’s Mark

  7. Oh, I can see trouble brewing either way the relationship goes.

  8. The closeness turning into something more. Great scene! Thank you for participating in the blogfest.

  9. Aren't all the best kisses a little bit stolen? :P Great kiss!


  10. Oh, what a way to make his change in status known. Way cool Nila.


  11. Great stolen kiss snippet! The last few sentences are so emotional!! I totally wanted to read more. Thanks for sharing this with us!:)