Monday 14 October 2013


Time has thinned a little. But your words
still like the breeze shimmying in my hair,
grit from the grounds in the crooks of toes,
the planes of ankles sharp and bare
still vulnerable, breathtakingly spare.



Senses flicker and so the lights flicker too
nothing burns constant, honey-thick time
drops from fingers in solid amber strings
pools at feet making the long looped climb
thinning a little along the line.



  1. The visual imagery of your word craft is extremely strong...I like the phrase honey-thick time which at the same time denotes a lack of fluidity and sweetness....if only we could bind time or imprison them in the crook of our palms. Nice read...

  2. Hello Nilanjana. Sorry for being a stranger, but time has thinned a little for me it seems. I'm crashing through so many projects to try to get ready for NaNo where I"ll be writing my brains out. I've missed your beautiful poetry. Can't wait to see what you come up with for the WEP HAUNTING blogfest. So soon! :D

    1. Hi Denise, good to see you here! This month's been hectic hasn't it? Best of luck with NaNo. I must dream up the haunting post soon, haven't got a scratch on paper yet!

  3. nice imagery, beautiful words... keep writing :)