Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Not reaping what I sow

Some I will reap,
though not of my sowing.
The others will keep.
There’s  no knowing
to whom the last fruit will fall.


Maybe birds peck it
or maybe a squirrel;
a child could visit
and tear off and swivel
it over the garden wall.


Seeds I plant here -
if they’re coaxed to sprout -
with the passage of years
will fruit no doubt.
But not for me those harvests.


For all and one
welcomed to the orchard,
the fruits will ripen
and will be offered
after me to future guests.

In a specially jelly-kneed thanksgiving today for those who have sowed for me for years and years,  and the grace and favour I reap consequently.


  1. Wonderful for thanksgiving! :)

  2. You write so well, Nilanjana!

    I read your short story as well on sharing. Didn't comment because i am not qualified enough to comment on such posts. absolutely brilliant! we don't get to read such posts often.

    1. Thank you Debajyoti for those very warm words! But hey, no-one needs any qualifications to comment on anything on this blog :) I don't have any myself : D

  3. How true...sometimes we never get to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

  4. Hello Nilanjana. It is lovely to be thankful. It is good if we can share the fruits of our labour.

    My favourite lines:

    There’s no knowing
    to whom the last fruit will fall

    Thanks for putting up the TRADITIONS badge! The linky is up. I got InLinkz to work again. MUCH BETTER!


    1. Hi Denise,

      The badges are lovely! so no thanks necessary :) Glad you got the button fixed, definitely better. Will be over soon.

      I hope you are having a wonderful trip.