Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Dens of words

Back into the same places,
in the finger spaces of pages
and the cool, dark dens of words;
thick bronze, pale green verdigris
on dented urns of memory,
scented silence poured haphazard.

I signed up early for the A-Z Challenge 2015, originally created by Arlee Bird of Tossing It Out. This will be my second time doing it, and hopefully I'll be able to put what I've learnt last year into practice. I'm going to plan my posts, but not necessarily schedule them too far ahead.  A bit of mess and panic makes the poetry sharper, I find.  And there, I have already given away that my theme will be poetry related, haven't I?  

Want to join in? Sign up over here.


  1. I am being denied the words right now - silence is all around!

    Congrats on joining the A to Z challenge - still deciding!

    1. If it's all around then I do hope it smells good :) the words will come back, not to worry..

  2. 'scented silence poured haphazard' ... amazing as always.
    Gah, don't think I'll be doing the A-Z again (didn't last year either). Such a time suck. I think I'll set myself my own challenge--write so many words of my new novel instead and go off the blogs for the month.

    I wonder if you know Grace from Canada? She is an amazing poet too. Here is her link...maybe you drop the 'au' off the end.


    Also, I see my link is working here, but not updating. That's so annoying! I'll keep trying, using your blog as a guide...:-(

  3. Yay, NIla! My feed! At last!!!!!

    1. Yesss! Finally! So glad it's working now...though there seems to be a time lag...but I am not complaining...definitely a major improvement on the prev situation :)

      I have read Grace, at dVerse and also at RFW I think...didn't she pop in once or twice for the monthly prompts? Thanks for the link, will check out ..

      I remember you not doing A-Z last year for the same reasons...as a networking thing, it's kinda big and 'rings within rings' and quite complicated to get to grips with. I loved the challenge part of it though, really explored the forms in a way that I wouldn't have otherwise.... great as a learning tool. I am hoping to replicate that :)

      Good luck with the novel, Denise. Maybe taking a month off and focusing on it is just what it needs, blogging can be a distraction at times to the other writing.

  4. I signed up, too. Looking forward to this year's challenge. :)

    1. Oh, me too. Definitely looking forward to it :)