Sunday, 9 August 2015

You knew, didn't you?

You know, it’s not the distance or time,
tides of water and wind that made you drift
apart, the river’s the same, the skyline
a little changed, the nightfall is as swift,

the newspaper man calls round like before
everything as it was, untouched.  You stepped
away, one step and two, a thousand more
and a hazy mist of gold and green swept

you up on eagle wings into its heights.
Startled you, didn’t it? when you gripped
it? did thin and hazy have the right
to feel that solid? didn’t fit the script.

Even back then you knew, it wasn’t the tide
or the distance; the change’s always inside.

I wanted to tell you (again!) about this multi-author anthology available now at Amazon and Flipcart and Sapna and Indistore.  In case you don't have the foggiest, it happened sometime ago - this is the result of the Get Published contest by Indiblogger and Harper Collins India.  Two story ideas were submitted by me through this very blog, and one of them - At the End of the Parade - made the final cut, and is now part of this book. Nine stories from nine vibrant young Indian writers and one from yours truly! :)


  1. Beautiful, Nila, simply beautiful. Change is so difficult, I think we suppress the truth because we aren't ready to face the unknown.

  2. A small sigh, a distance look
    Ripples in time unseen
    Alone we ask why, no answer
    Unknown but still questioned
    Was it me or was it ever
    A Ripple in time now felt

  3. I like the questions in this. And it has a nice touch with the end reflecting the beginning, 'You knew didn't you?'

    Can't wait to get my hands on the anthology. Last time i tried to buy it it wasn't yet available.

    Denise ;-)

  4. Thanks friends! on one sporadic hurricane trip to blogland and loving the catching up :-)

  5. Beautiful poem... it resonates on certain levels...