Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Talking about Stars...over at Write...Edit...Publish...

A whole heap of nothing
comes drizzling down the sky
a tempest of teacups
does it miss an I?
and is that eye quite clear
where everything’s gone quiet?
come see the stone’s rocking
the trees filtering light

till the dark has measured
itself in finite quanta
and floats like ice in glasses
and rims the answer.
Everything’s got methods
to make heaps of nothing,
to make tempests, teacups
and darkness inviting.

I am over at one of my most favourite sites Write...Edit...Publish...talking about Constellations, which is one of the prompts for the October challenge.  Darkness or light, that site is always inviting!  

The other prompt is, of course, Halloween....there is a choice! which is always great...check it out...sign up on the 1st and join in with your flash fiction, poetry, photo essay or artwork on the 19th for a great Octoberfest.  There are goodies to be won. An Amazon voucher (worth USD 10) and a personalised badge for the winner. And special badges for the two runners-up as well. 

Happy also that I'll be involved more deeply in WEP from 2017....helping seed the challenges along with hosts Denise and Yolanda, and Olga Godim who is their talented art designer.  

So hop over and check it out, the prompts are always meaty and fun :) and the conversation sparkling.  See you there!


  1. Hi Nila - congratulations on joining in with Denise and Yolanda over at WEP ... I loved your Constellations post ... darkness and light - the sky has it all and sparkles too ...

    Cheers Hilary

    1. Hi Hilary! and thanks for your support...glad you liked the constellations :) hoping you'll join in the Octoberfest

  2. Very rhythmic and visual.
    Visited Denise last night.

  3. Beautiful prose! I love stars. I could totally get in on that action, if I had two second to breathe. You're making me want to ignore my responsibilities and play anyway.

  4. Great shout out accompanied by a treasure poem. Thanks Nila. Lovely to have you and Olga on the team! And your CONSTELLATIONS post over at WEP is full of ideas for the prompt. :-)

    1. My pleasure absolutely...thrilled to be on the team. Thanks!

  5. Congratulations on your achievement.
    With poems like "Constellations" I know there will be many more

  6. Ooo~ Gonna have to check them out. I love Halloween time. haha