Sunday, 29 November 2015

I'd know them anywhere!

Some come to the door, leave a few footprints,
and others leave nothing, no sign, no mark.
It's clear how heavy or light the traffic’s been
from the way the dust’s disturbed in the dark,
from the snagged and torn strips of hanging bark
the eddies of crushed grass smells that rise and spin;
from the fireflies which leave en masse with their sparks;
the mesh of undergrowth - as it pales and thins.

And whether you’re here or not, this is the thing -
I still know your footprints, your touch, your heart;
and your distant trail weaves into my mornings.
The click of the door as it shuts and I start,
wherever I am, the middle, end or beginning;
and you are, for that matter, on your part.


  1. Hi Nila - we are what we are ... we are on earth, we spend our time, we brush in and out ... we will leave when time is right ... we will join others who have passed this way. Lovely - Hilary

  2. We leave our own unique tracks, just like the animals.

    1. Agree! the animals leave gentler tracks though.

  3. Some people do leave,footprints,which are amazingly unique and gentle.

    1. Kya baat Mamta! Woh aaye hamaare ghar khuda ki kudrat hai, kabhi hum unko kabhi apne ghar ko dekhtein hain :)

      Some of the gentlest, most amazing footprints are right here on this blog, and I feel blessed that they are :)

  4. You knows their hearts,
    the pain that tears from within.
    The softness from loving forever.
    Their touch hard as the bark of a pine
    or just a cress from a breeze in spring.
    You know whose is whose
    and why it is this way or that.
    Yet I still ask who am I, what am I,
    what will I be, as I try to rip
    those questions from my soul

    Nice to read something that tears at my mine
    making me ask more questions than I can answer.

    1. 'the softness from loving forever' - my favourite line in there...

  5. Beautiful. Makes you ponder all those unanswered questions. The biggest is why?

  6. I love that there's always some footprints you recognise. A lovely depth to this Nila. :-)

    1. Yup, some footprints that I chase, and some that haunt me! :-)

  7. Beautiful!
    I love leaving my UBUNTU footsteps as I trudge along... *waving en-route*

    1. *waving right back* :) good to have your footsteps here!