Thursday, 19 January 2017

Après toi le déluge?

This alone, the depths of afternoon, lunch
prepared and consumed, the repletion paired
with the emptiness of hours, offhand warmth -
somewhere in it - contentment is layered.
I know you can’t forget the avalanche
forecast for tomorrow, nothing halts midair,
not a single snowflake can be turned, changed,
persuaded to retreat or fall elsewhere -

every drop and flake reaches where it’s meant.
But today a pale faced sun lies languid
on the stubs of grass beyond, no portent
mars the skies, the road runs quiet on the grid
and streams and times are silvery, quite fluid.
No grand sweeps, happiness is a moment.

There seems to be some sort of epidemic of French titles around here, I've no idea why or where that's come from.  I do NOT speak a word of French, much as I am fascinated by French stuff (that's art and short stories and long stories and food and beverage mostly, before anyone gets any ideas...)

All this month I am trying to write 'happy' and failing generally. However, I have managed to steer clear of exclamations.  And emoticons as well.  Serious success. That's happiness enough for the time being, I can live with that.


  1. Hi Nila - sometimes the influences around us grab us and carry us along ... I used to use a phrase - no idea why, but my mother before she was ill ... asked why I used it - no idea! But it came out of the tv or radio I subsequently realised ...

    So carry on with your French ... you'll remember and pick up things later on ...

    I'm reading the 2nd of the Leigh Patrick Fermor books ... and he's now in Transylvania ... where at one stage the only common language is Latin - their conversation is mostly silence ... school boy Latin used 15 years previously doesn't help to communicate with a monk; yet as he remarks similarly to that spoken 500 years ago. But it's fascinating to read ... smatterings of language appear in the various regions ... and why so ...

    I'm hopeless with languages - but even I pick up a few snippets along the way ... cheers and here's to your French and other languages ... Hilary

    1. The books sound absolutely fascinating! Must get my hands on a copy now, you've got me intrigued.

  2. I'd say happiness is a heavy snowfall!

  3. I love that feeling of heavy air pre-snowfall
    (and yes, French just adds a certain joi de vivre)

    1. Okay that must be the reason for the epidemic - found it!

  4. Success should be celebrated (and revelled and rolled in) whenever it appaears. Particularly on dark days and dark nights.

    1. I am totally rolling in it...even though it's just enough to cover a few square inches.

  5. I can feel a sense of positiveness ringing through.
    Be happy in the moment and thank you for trying to bring us some sunshine

    1. Positivity is key in dealing with unsunshiny days :)