Sunday, 9 April 2017

Breadcrumbs trail

If you're looking for my A-Z post, click here.

If you’re into A-Z
and you want a visit back
then do follow what I’ve said
leave a trail, please leave a track.

Leave a link with every post -
of course I want to visit you,
but it’s easy to get lost
Blogland’s great, but confusing too.

Leave a mark wherever you go
leave a link and leave no doubt
a Blogger profile doesn’t show
which one’s in, and which one’s out.

If you want me to swing by yours
please keep the path lit and clear
no breadcrumbs on the forest floor -
drop me an exact link here.

It doesn’t have to be clicky
paste it plain, and that’ll do,
without a link it gets tricky
for me to find my way to you.

I am not technosavvy
don’t set me a detective’s task
I need little to be happy
leave a link is all I ask.

I’m just bad at navigating
blogs, and life - cut me some slack,
make it simple, leave a link
so as I can visit back.

Okay I know I said no poetry, no rhyming, but it's Sunday, and April's the Poetry month, so hard to resist :)...I was catching up on the reading and returning, and felt a bit frustrated at not being able to track down a few A-Z visitors, therefore this request. Leave me a link A-Zers, please, pretty please!

And it's the start of the Holy Week - to those observing - greetings for Palm Sunday!


  1. I wish I could leave a trail.
    But to leave a link gives me hell.
    Eash time I've tried would you believe.
    My windows have shut down on me.

    Enjoyed your poem, thought it great.


    1. I didn't know that could happen even! :(

      But no worries, I've got you on my A-Z bloglist. There are others who are one off commenters whose profiles list more than one blog, and no indication of course which one is participating. Having a tough time returning visits/comments for those.

      Glad you enjoyed the rhyme :)

  2. As you know I have been LOVING your A-Z. I know that you are busy, and time is in short supply. You are welcome to drop in on my non alphabetical posts, but please, feel no compulsion.

    1. I have NO intention on missing out on your mood lifting photos EC! Just the thing I need after chasing bloggers on the breadcrumbs trail :) Will be over soon as I can!

  3. Hi Nila - I'm amazed at how people don't think to connect ... or leave a note. I just hope I haven't left an inappropriate link (nothing terrible - just not right!) when I'd looked for something else and thus the link I thought was right, wasn't!!!

    What a great rhyme for today ... lovely

    Yes - Palm Sunday ... and the We are the World Blogfest - In Darkness, Be Light ... such an excellent tone set for our posts every month or today as you've done - I'm always happy to have an extra helping ...

    Cheers - see you tomorrow - Arabiana needs some time to take all the amazing information in and that music - delightfully resonating ... bye! Hilary

    1. Then I forgot my link!

      Also all the blogs that have comment moderation in place ... also irritating!

      Cheers H

    2. All your links are working fine here at least, not that I need yours coz you're on the bloglist too...I am having serious trouble pasting my links into the main A-Z blog, won't take my clickable frustrating!

      I'm loving the We are the World bloghop, you doing it too? I am so tempted to join in...perhaps once A-Z is over...

      See you soon.

  4. Yes Nilan, simple but just not simple enough for those in a hurry.


  5. Happy Palm Sunday to you and what a very clever poem! :D

    Joy @ THE Joyous Living

  6. Excellent. I can't believe you have words leftover after this blazing A to Z week!

  7. good poem reminder for folks participating. I am enjoying your A to Z and I click to some of your followers too. It does take time, but quite fun. Indeed - Easter week ahead. I head up to PA next Saturday to see my father (he's 85).

    1. Have a lovely time, Joanne! I don't mind the time, but it's frustrating when the trail leads to nothing, no A-Z posts, no identifiable blog even sometimes.

  8. Beautiful poem on leaving a trail! :)
    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Good advice. That's a real problem with Blogger. Wordpress is much easier that way. :) Hope you had a lovely Sunday. Thanks again for adding me to your A to Z blog list.

  10. Wonderfully done and thank you for your thoughts.

  11. What I love about A to Z is finding blogs to follow. I read blogs while relaxing every evening.

    1. The A-Z takes me places which I'd otherwise never get to.