Monday, 6 July 2020

No entry

With a milestone for a pillow
with hard asphalt for a mattress
I’m ready to make my way home
through this midday heat, and darkness;

the borders are closed to traffic
they have slammed shut their gateways
and a mushroom cloud is churning,
turning the hamster wheels of days.

But I wear my face lighthearted
I keep the talk convivial
and the laundry colour sorted,
a close focus on trivial.

For the rules mustn’t be broken
and life must always go on
though home’s no longer a shelter
all meanings and routes are gone.


  1. sad that home's no longer a shelter...such a forlorn line.
    I feel like I flounder with a smile these days. I float in the pool and try to cry under water - the salt mixing the traces away.

  2. Hari OM
    ohhh... the putting on of the 'the outward face', the paddling under water, the living of life regardless... hauntingly phrased, dear Nila. YAM xx

  3. 'home’s no longer a shelter
    all meanings and routes are gone.'
    So sad. So moving. So this-is-life-in-2020. But 'life must always go on.' True.

  4. Hi Nila - 'I'm fine' ... doesn't always mean that - as you've exemplified here ... so many desperate souls; and thankfully you are able to process your sadness ... your outward face ... with thoughts - Hilary