Sunday 21 August 2022



He’s been in these new spaces and he’s slept

under this roof, called your name, sat in that chair,

handled utensils and fresh bread. He’s stepped

into the garden, the seafront, on the stairs.

No footprints though. And even though he’s left –

he’s made this into home. The soil, sea and air,

their gritty strangeness now easy to accept.

That’s how it’s happened, happens everywhere.


The places touched to home, the unknown stripped

in one instant remade and familiar,

strange flipped to comforting and you equipped

to deal with it. Because someone close and dear

for one brief moment has stood beside you here.

My son was here on a short visit, back in his campus now a gazillion miles away. I forget to panic 24/7 when I am in face-to-face mum mode. :) 

I hope your loved ones are standing close to you, physically or metaphorically. Have a brilliant week ahead.


  1. Hari OM
    ...and at least now your son has a good vision of where you are how you are situated and can do his own imagining from all that distance! YAM xx

    1. Yep, win-win for both parties. :) But his more challenging with crossing 16 time zones and then crossing back again.

  2. Beautiful. I am so glad (for all of you) that you have had this visit.

    1. Thank you. Deeply glad as I didn't think a visit would happen this year.

  3. Light touch of this poem captures the trace of spirit left from a visit. Really nice

  4. Hi Nila - so pleased to read he got over ... sixteen time zones - the mind boggles! Poor lad - still I expect he'll recover soon enough. He must have been thrilled to have seen you both and your new abode ... he'll find it easier to relate when you talk. I can imagine you wish he was still with you ... yet his life is ahead and he's building it. Cheers Hilary

    1. Hi Hilary. Mighty glad that he could be here, albeit briefly. Didn't think we'd meet this year what with the move and pandemic and visas etc, so this was totally a windfall.
      Take care. <3