Sunday 14 August 2022



Sometimes I want to write my name in lowercase

so that it fades behind others when misfortune

is prowling the city streets, reading the nameplates,

pondering which door to open, which house to choose,

and at others I want to write it small because

it feels more appropriate for a small person

who mostly does the smallest things. Little drops

of poems. Laundry.  Who’s stressed about the carbon

footprint, the gender gap, potholes, light pollution.

Pianissimo fits better, what’s been written? -

to merit announcing the first sound louder

than the ones that follow? Only those proper nouns

should be allowed higher volume, rising resonance

where the owners made some tangible difference.

Today is Independence Day, the 75th one. A major milestone. I'm celebrating. But that is also pianissimo. Too many issues back home. 

Happy Independence Day to all desvasis. 

May we be free of prejudice, inequality, poverty, ignorance, arrogance and violence soonest. Jai Hind!


  1. Hari OM
    OH to the power of India the multicultural as it struggles with that very same thing. Is this the India MKG longed for? He whose name most certainly deserves its capitals? I understand your muted celebration, and join it... YAM xx

  2. Happy Independence Day and may you be free indeed.

  3. Happy Independence Day - with love from someone whose name is very small (if written at all). And may all of us be free of the things you mention in your penultimate sentence.

  4. Hi Nila - wonderful poem and summary of life as seen in India - as the others have implied. My knowledge of India is very small ... tiny, even microscopic ... your take on the world as being small and hiding away - I too feel. Take care - with thoughts - Hilary

  5. I'm a little late to this post, but glad I didn't miss it. Beautiful words Nilanjana