Sunday 25 September 2022

Miscellaneous and Unspoken


There are different kinds – the car scratched on sand

with a twig, an arrangement of seashells,

driftwood draped across the earth like clock hands

a pair of mugs, a wallpaper on a cell -

these too were promises,  and they travel

with me now, their tyre marks wherever I land,

their shapes circling the baggage carousel.


They tug forward, nonstop, breathless, the rims

of golden clouds, the brimming azure sea,

the curved solar lampposts. The sun must dim

its light so that their stores can come to be

a lit path back home. They travel close with me -

the long lost shells, driftwood, pebbles, the whims

of tides and winds; promises made too freely.


  1. Hari OM
    ..ahh.... baggage... we all have it! (I badly need to declutter - in all aspects!) YAM xx

    1. On going process, even as one lot is being decluttered, another is accumulating! :) Good luck with yours. <3

  2. Oh yes. And some of those things are essential to me feeling at home, and others need to be winnowed. The which is which though...

    1. At times it feels like the whole is essential to peg one down securely...tough winnowing..

  3. Love this Nila. I like the idea of a 'lit path back home'. Hopeful.

  4. long lost promises and the driftwood of the past. You paint such pictures with words...

  5. Hi Nila - yes we carry so much with us ... I too am about to have clear out ... lots of little bits all the time - just not books! But the other stuff as it gathers - I'm glad I've got pieces here that give me pleasure, despite the other rough parts ... life is life. Cheers - Hilary

    1. Indeed life is life, and mostly good despite the rough. Have fun decluttering and reliving the memories! <3