Tuesday 12 September 2023

Something like a footfall


Not everything falls into place at once.

The paperwork. The people. The connects.

Maybe the days are a test of patience.

The darkest nights not restful but suspect.


The moon’s not a tilak on my forehead.

An angry sun reluctant to kindness.

The purple flowered vine’s gone dry and dead.

No one’s at home at the given address.


Yet in the twilight between day and night

there’s something like a footfall on the stairs

and a bunch of fireflies in zigzag flight

the scent of flowers opening somewhere.


So I will wait. I’ll wait and pace the grounds

maybe in time someone will come around.

Patience has never exactly been my forte, but still. Keeping calm and pacing the grounds....maybe if the vine is watered it'll revive? 

However, as the most famous independent journalist of India said somewhere - what's crumbled in the last ten years is never coming back. My heart sinks a little every time I think of it. 

Hearts are not made to sink though, they are buoyant little persistent things, always finding space to wriggle and rise, to balloon, to beat, to hope. 

This too shall pass. Everything passes - the bad, the good, the ugly. 

Wishing the good in your week a super slow passage, and the bad a lightning fast one. 


  1. You are heard. And we have to keep some hope alive.

  2. I am thinking of your fireflies and missing mine. I wish they lasted longer. The new neighbors across the street might have gotten the water turned on today or maybe it was turned off. Not sure what their story is, but I'm sure they aren't the tenants the man who gentrified the little house where Henry and his wife lived expected to have.

  3. So delicate and poignant!

  4. Hi Nila - we all need to help ourselves and others at the moment ... this too shall pass - so will we ... I hope our offspring have an easier life than they are right now. Cheers Hilary