Monday 29 January 2024

Perspective or blur?


How many stop signs will you find down these lanes?

Double the vision for double the traffic lights,

like moth wings – flutter yourself to a doubled moon,

a million body doubles of the stars at night,

all the glory amplified by a second sight

which isn’t seeing straight at all. Should you complain


or make the most of it? In the blink of an eye

all the world shuts down. When it opens again

who knows its preferred perspectives, the fresh insights

on cloudiness and clarity it stands to gain?

or just pixellated blankness? - a blurred domain

as it seeks once more its grounds and its patch of sky.

I should never have written that bit about 'keeping eyes peeled' as part of the non resolution...

Just as soon as I thought the movery-shakery-n-jugglery of the previous year was safely over, there's a spanking new spanner in the works - that'll need eye surgery for removal. Which of course involves copious amounts of tests and eye drops that cause vision blur and, to round it all off nicely, practical restrictions on how long I can look at screens and/or read/write... If this is the scene pre-op, then post-op its probably going to get a lot ghastlier before it gets better...

The surgery is scheduled for Sat, it's a minor day surgery, only thing is anything involving the eyes doesn't feel all that minor to me, especially the paraphernalia of the aftercare.  I'm not sure how long the restrictions will continue, but I think it's safe to say Feb is a write off in terms of writing at least, weak pun intended.  

But then again, I've never had this particular surgery before and while the whole prospect is most unlovely, it's still a learning opportunity. It made me review the surgeries I've had so far and...epiphany! - it's true what they say, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Hoping to come back stronger, more insightful and mindful. And grateful for mercies small and big - could be a lot worse for sure. Meanwhile, stay well and happy. See you as soon as I am able. 



  1. Oceans of caring and well wishes are flowing your way. I hope the surgery goes really, really well and the recover isn't as foul and restrictive as you fear.

  2. Prayers it goes smoothly and recovery is quick. The eyes are precious and I wouldn't call it minor either.

  3. Hari OM
    Sending many good wishes for positive outcomes to your procedure! And we will see you when we see you.... (.... mujhe maaf karo!) YAM xx

  4. I agree Nila, nothing about the eyes is to be taken lightly. My wish for you is that everything goes smoothly, including the after-care.

  5. May the surgery be smooth and the recovery complete!

  6. Oh Nila - I feel for you ... and yes I'd be 'worried too' but we're lucky in this day and age ... the medics know so much more than ten, twenty, thirty, forty et al years ago ... with thoughts that all will be easily accomplished. Take care and look after yourself - with love .. Hilary

  7. Thakn you all for your well wishes! much apprecaited

  8. Hope all goes well. I was scared to death for my cataract surgery three years ago. It has been a true miracle for me. I can see!!! I only hope you have success and all goes smoothly. Drops and more drops. Take it easy and rest as required. I look forward to reading your words when ready to write them with new clarity. Good luck

  9. I read your surgery update on WEP. I'm glad one eye is done and you're managing with various eyeglasses. Best of luck for the second eye.

  10. I am doing another comment - How are You? Did all go well?
    I miss your poetry, comments, wisdom etc.

    Please let us know you are out of the woods!!!!!! Yes many exclamation points that are ridiculous.